Ultrasound Scan – Is It True Baby Has A Big Nose?

During pregnancy, it’s always helpful to get an ultrasound scan. A scan improves chances of successful pregnancy. Ultrasound technology helps doctors view muscles, organs and the unborn child during pregnancy.

Through ultrasound, you can see the progress of your developing child in the womb. The types of scans include 2D, 3D or 4D. However, a 3D scan is the best option if you want to examine internal organs. Ultrasound can detect whether your child is about to have complications.

You can as well opt for a 4D scan which is a more advanced option. This gives a clear view of the baby’s features and movements.

Why go for ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound Scan – Is It True Baby Has A Big Nose?The most attractive reason to take an ultrasound scan is the ability to detect problems with your baby. Professionals can detect problems in the unborn child giving you a chance to find a solution. Some problems which are detected by ultrasound scan include cleft lip and other abnormalities.

Ultrasound photos when pregnant are vital. You can use the images when the baby is in the womb for a baby book. You will enjoy wonderful moments to remember your little one when there were still too tiny.

More about ultrasound scan images

2D images

This is the most commonly used ultrasound scan during prenatal care. The images are usually black and white with vague bone structure. In some angles, you might be able to tell the gender of the baby.

3D images

This kind of ultrasound scan offers actual images of the baby in 3D. It gives a more filled out image of the baby as they actually look. The image of your baby doesn’t come out as a blob on the screen which requires professional interpretation.

Ultrasound scan in 3D is very popular. Taking a 3D ultrasound scan will give you images which might include facial features of the unborn baby. Getting to catch a glimpse of your baby when inside the womb is a very exciting moment for every mother.

Every pregnant mother looks forward to their ultrasound scan for such moment.

4D images

This works just like 3D ultrasound scan although this involves real-time movement. It gives you a chance to see video footage of your unborn baby as he moves around inside the womb. This is a wonderful experience for expectant mothers giving them a chance to bond with their baby.

This ultrasound scan also gives fathers a chance to bond with their unborn baby as well. It offers the much-needed bonding time. Make sure to find a great provider to get you some amazing ultrasound scan images during pregnancy.

What to expect from ultrasound scan

Ultrasound Scan – Is It True Baby Has A Big Nose?With the images from the scan, you might be horrified to see that the baby has a huge nose. Perhaps he has swollen lips as well. This will definitely freak you out.

Now you will begin to imagine the look everyone will have on catching a glimpse of your baby. You have always had images of giving birth to a baby with the cutest lips not one with thick and heavy lips. Furthermore, you have always imagined you little angel to come with the perfect nose with the right shape.

Everyone has high expectations for their ultrasound scan to reveal a baby who resembles them or their baby’s dad. None looks forward to having a baby with this big nose you now see in the womb.

Well, the truth is there’s no cause for worry. Look at yourself or your hubby. All of you have a flat nose. So, you don’t have to believe what the scan says regarding your baby’s nose. It will come out looking more like yours, that of your dear husband or closest relatives.

Here’s the deal

Perhaps you or your husband has a big nose but you both have siblings with a small cute nose, your baby has a chance of not actually inheriting your big nose.

What features are dominating in your families? It will give you an idea of what your baby will look like. If it’s the infamous big nose, then you should not have to stress yourself over genetic matters.

Your family can have small pointy noses looking almost the same but your husband’s family has a mix of big, small or flat ones, dwell on the positive side. There’s a huge chance that the baby might inherit your family’s very dominant small pointed nose.

Who is responsible for the baby’s features?

A baby inherits more than a nose from their parents. The eyes, ears, and smile are inherited most likely from you or your better half. However, the baby’s features are more often a mix of both parents.

Harvard Medical School discovered that a father’s genes have triple chances of being dominant than those of the mother. Well, now you know who is to blame in case your little angel comes out with a big nose.

There’s a chance that the baby’s features might change from those you saw during ultrasound scan to when they are born. Perhaps the images in the scan with your baby having a big nose were a result of his nose smashed against the womb.

At birth, you will be overjoyed to see your baby with the prettiest and cutest pointed nose

Why there’s no reason to worry

Does your baby look a bit hairy at birth? Well, give him 6 weeks and he will have the smoothest skin to brag about. Perhaps the baby has a face resembling the shrunken head of Peru. There’s no cause for worry. Give him about a month and you’ll be amazed at how handsome he will become.

There’s also a chance of your baby being born with Dumbo ears. This will change as he grows older. You should know that babies undergo changes with time. You might not be happy with how your baby looks birth. Take heart, he will definitely grow up to look fantastic.

In summary

Regardless of whether the baby has a cute button or huge nose, it’s not a reason to get stressed about. The child will definitely outgrow it and you’ll end up with a loving little angel regardless of their initial look.

You don’t have to always depend on whatever you see in the ultrasound scan images. The chances are high that you’ll give birth to a cute little baby without that big nose you saw in the scan.

Joscelyn Booker