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Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Baby teeth are the very first teeth to pop up in the mouth. They are painful when they come in and they fall out after just a few years to be replaced with a adult permanent tooth. So if they are going to fall out and be replaced with a new tooth is it important to take good care of them?

Baby teeth are the predecessors of the permanent teeth and they make room in the mouth for the permanent tooth to grow in properly. If the baby tooth is in bad shape with cavities and rot then it is likely that the permanent tooth will also have cavities. The baby tooth paves the way for the permanent tooth to have room to come through the gum so it is important to take good care of baby teeth.

The first teeth are also important for other reasons like chewing. It is important for a child’s health to chew the food they eat. Healthy teeth make it easier to chew the food properly.

When a child starts to learn to talk the teeth play a very important role in proper speech. It is hard to make the proper sounds in speech if the teeth are in poor condition. A child with good teeth is easier to understand then a child who has teeth in poor condition.

Baby teeth also help the jaw develop properly. Good healthy teeth that chew properly and feel good will help the jaw grow into the correct shape. This will also help the permanent teeth come through the jaw in the proper position and eliminate the need for expensive braces or other dental work.

Children are very self conscious about their appearance. A healthy smile is a confidence builder in a child. If a child has poor teeth they can have low self esteem. Keeping teeth looking bright and clean will help a child feel good about themselves.

You can help keep your child’s teeth healthy by brushing the teeth at least twice a day and teach your child to brush their teeth properly. Never let your child fall to sleep with a bottle in their mouth and take your child to the dentist when the first tooth starts to come through the gum and keep visiting the dentist regularly. In this day and age with modern dentistry there is no reason for anyone to have poor teeth.


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