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How Often Do I Change a Diaper?

Changing a diaper has become an integral part of everyday life for mommies. Besides, one of the basic knowledge a mother should learn is how to change a baby’s diaper. Preparing yourself to become a hands-on parent feels exhilarating but you’ll be surprised to discover unexpected things along the course of parenthood. One of which […]

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Types of Baby Skin Irritations

Usually harmless, skin irritations can make your baby uncomfortable. Some skin irritations may not cause any discomfort at all and go away without any need for intervention while others may cause itchiness and pain that can make your baby cranky. Usually, if unattended, skin irritations may lead to infections and leave scars. Knowing the different […]

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Why Do Babies Have Dry Skin?

Many babies who are born after 40 weeks will experience dry, flaking skin. It is completely normal and should subside. However, sometimes baby dry skin conditions can linger and they could be more than the typical cradle cap. Lets take a look at some of the possibilities below. Top 5 reasons of dry skin Over […]

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Room Temperature For Baby (This Is What You Didn’t Know)

Every parent desires an ideal living environment for their newborn. So, you need useful information on what is quintessential and what is not including what a safe environment entails. Babies don’t regulate temperatures like adults or children. It happens especially when they are asleep. A baby’s nervous system is not yet fully matured. The moment […]

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Why Coconut Oil Is The Best Remedy For Baby Acne

Just like teens and adults, babies too are prone to acne. Approximately 20 percent of toddlers and infants get acne. It can get discomforting if you don’t give your little one proper care and attention is not invested appropriately. This article seeks to enlighten why coconut oil is the best remedy for baby acne. Babies […]

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