4 Reasons YOU Should Start a Mommy Blog

“Mommy blogging” gets a lot of flack, both in the media and from other bloggers.

I often find myself rolling my eyes because no one bats an eye at blogs that women start that have to do with their other hobbies or lifestyle choices: like gardening, traveling, fashion, makeup/beauty, reading or playing video games.

Once a woman starts talking about her pregnancy, babies, or kids – she’s instantly labeled as ‘just’ a mommy blogger. I don’t buy into that nonsense here since mommy bloggers are some of the most successful and influential bloggers out there.

Here are four reasons that you should start a mommy blog, and if you’re ready to get started, read this now.

Brands Love Mommy Bloggers

There’s no denying that there’s a huge market out there for baby goodies and family-oriented products. From toys, clothing, travel, you name it -> brands are wanting mom bloggers to promote.

What does this mean for you?

Well, free stuff at the very minimum. But I don’t shoot for the minimum, and I aim as high as possible. More brands = more income potential for you. You can work with services like The Blogger Network or Social Spark to find opportunities for sponsored posts on your mommy blog.

Once you gain a decent amount of traffic, you can reach out to brands and services that you love and negotiate for coverage on your blog. You simply have more options when you’re writing about kids/family/baby content.

You’ll Never Run Out of Content

4 Reasons YOU Should Start a Mommy Blog

You’re a mom, and you know how you can never stop talking about your kid(s)?

That makes for an IDEAL blogging niche. One of the most common pitfalls with starting a new blog is called ‘blogfading,’ where you are super gung-ho when you first get started but end up growing bored with the idea of blogging.

This happens especially when traffic isn’t coming as fast as you want it to (which we can help you combat with our helpful tips here) but also if you run out of content to talk about.

If you have a gardening blog but have a few months of snow and can’t garden much — you probably will struggle to come up with blog topics. But you know as well as I do that when you have a child, parenting never stops. You’ll always have something funny, fun, entertaining, or exciting to say.

Creative moms come up with the most creative content. And content is key when it comes to blog traffic growth!

Moms Love Mommy Blogs

4 Reasons YOU Should Start a Mommy Blog

The content will come easy, and the readership will come easy too.

Moms love to connect with one another and are always looking for new stories, DIY projects, and parenting tips from other moms.

There is a huge built-in community out there, and it’s going to be simple to share your blog on your personal Facebook page and other social media accounts because it’s genuinely about YOU. And remember that traffic = income.

People WANT to read mommy blogs, which is why so many of them exist.

It’s a Fun & Passionate Topic

Being a mom has its trials and tribulations, but ultimately at the end of the day, it’s fun and full of joy.

If you can stay home full-time and make income writing about things you love and engage in every single day, what greater pleasure could there be?

No one is as much of an expert at raising your child than you, and sharing tips and stories is one thing that drives us as parents.

You probably don’t need any more convincing, and it’s never been easier to start a mommy blog. Check out my guide to get started!

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4 Reasons YOU Should Start a Mommy Blog 24 Reasons YOU Should Start a Mommy Blog 3

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