What to pack for daycare

When you register your child for daycare, they will give you a list of items to send with your child.

However, I see this question asked so many times, I thought it might be worth writing a short blog post on it.

Here are things to send with your child to daycare:

  • Diapers, wipes and diaper cream
  • Extra underwear (2-3), if your child is potty trained
  • 2-3 sets of extra clothes including socks
  • Indoor shoes
  • Sleep Sack (recommended for child under 1 yr), or a blanket for older children
  • A lovey, if your child uses one
  • A pacifier or soother, if your child uses one
  • In Summer:
  • check
    Sun Hat
  • check
  • In Winter:
  • check
    Snow Suit
  • check
    Winter Hat
  • check
    Thick waterproof mittens/gloves (x2) + mitten clips
  • check
    Neck Warmer (most daycares will not allow scarves)
  • check
    Snow Boots
  • check
    Face protective cream, if your child is prone to sensitive skin in the outdoors during winters (Note that some daycares will only accept bottles with an expiry date on it)
  • In Spring/Fall
  • check
    Light Jacket
  • check
    Rain Boots
  • check
    Knit Hat
  • check
    Knit Mittens (x2) + mitten clips
  • Especially for Infant Room:
  • check
    Formula or Breastmilk Bottles
  • check
    Homo (3.25%) milk if your child is not on formula or breastmilk anymore. This varies by centers but some centers may ask you to bring homo-milk because they only offer 2% milk.
  • check
    Lunch and snacks if your child is not yet eating daycare food
  • check
    A communication sheet with feedings and nap times
  • check
    Bottle Warmer (Check with daycare how they heat bottles. Always use bottle warmer or hot water for heating)
  • Sippy cup (Requirement varies by center)
  • check-square-o
    Bottle of Tylenol along with directions from physician on dosage (Requirement varies by center). This is in case your child gets a fever, the center can then administer a dose right away if they have your permission, while they wait for your to pick up.

*Ensure all items sent have labels with their names on.

So, is above list enough? Do you have anything to add? Share your thought at the comment sector to our community.

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