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4 Kids Bedroom Ideas To Improve Safety

The first bedroom you decorate for your kids will stick with you forever! It’s such an amazing experience that you’ll remember and cherish forever! Selecting the color of the walls, the furniture, the bed, and then placing everything in an elegant and playful manner!

According to specialists, the way you paint the walls in a baby’s room will influence his/her later development. It’s well-known that colors stimulate creativity, but they also help with moods. For example, the red color is better suited for the playroom while blue is more calming and goes better in the bedroom.

Safety is also a very important issue and must be one of your main concerns. The furniture, the toys, even the paint on the walls must be safe. Even the placement of the bed in relation to the window or the doorway must be thought with safety in mind. You don’t want a draft endangering your child’s health.

The bed

In the bedroom, the focal point is the bed – after all, it’s the bed room, right? Well, kids, especially when they are babies, are not that fussy about the bed – as long as it’s comfy.

New parents seem to prefer a bassinet, which is indeed a charming solution. However, it only keeps the baby safe for a couple of months, when they are not moving that much. This means that you will have to replace it soon with a crib or a handmade crib, which is the safest option in this case.

Specialists recommend avoiding toys or stuffed teddy bears in the crib as they represent a smothering hazard. Also, it is not recommended to add fluffy, luxurious bedding because this can represent a health hazard for infants younger than 1 year old. We know it looks amazing, but the safety of your child is more important.

Windows and doors

Before placing the furniture and selecting the wallpaper, you must test your windows and doors. These must close perfectly without allowing any draft or air or humidity to go in. If you feel something is not right with the current situation, the safest solution would be to install new windows and doors.

Also, childproofing the windows is a fantastic way to make sure your toddler won’t try to see if flying is for real. Childproofing a window also makes reference to the window treatments all cords and curtains must be out of reach so no pulling can occur.

You should use the soundproof windows for the baby’s bedroom. This way, junior’s sleep won’t be disturbed by the noise outside. Also, the door must be solid and must open smoothly without any creaks.

The furniture

Now the furniture may not seem that important when Junior is a baby, but as soon he/she learns how to crawl, this aspect will become of extreme importance. Children pull things and try to climb new heights using the furniture around. So here are the most important safety measures you should take:

  • Don’t place anything heavy right above the bed – no pictures, no mirrors, nothing that could fall onto them
  • Use special latches to childproof the drawers – these can be used as a latter to climb to the top of the closet
  • Secure the big furniture by anchoring it on the wall. This way, if the child pulls, the cabinet won’t come down on top of him/her
  • Secure all the lamp cords in the room or, better yet, use devices that don’t have cords. This way the baby won’t get tangled while crawling around, inspecting the premises

Storage facilities

It’s perfect if you have a playroom in your house. But if you don’t, all those toys must go somewhere when Junior is not playing with them, right? Well nowadays there are all sorts of great storage facilities that are kid-appropriate. However, make sure that none of the boxes you’re using have lids with hinges. Lids can easily fall and crush your baby’s little hands or fingers in the process. Our recommendation is to purchase only boxes without hinges and make sure none of the other storage facilities could hurt your baby’s little hands.

Of course, the list could continue, but you get the basic idea. The best part is that, once they grow up, you’ll be able to redecorate the room, but this time, you’ll do it by involving the kids in the process. This will create a new amazing memory that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

How do you decorate your kids bedrooms? Do you involve them in the process? What is your favorite idea from this post? Share your thoughts with a comment below.


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