Infographic – Adopt Pets and Save Lives

Rescue a pet from an animal shelter in your community if you’re thinking of adopting an animal. Your new pet won’t be the only one to benefit—your community, shelter and family will benefit for all of the following reasons.

Every Pet is Unique

You’re more likely to meet and be drawn to an animal that has several breeds mixed into its ancestry. Rather than adopting a pure-bred animal that may have several serious health issues, opt for a lively, loving “Heinz 57,” a term for a pet of several breeds.

You’ll Save a Life

Animal shelters are slowly converting to no-kill status, but too many of them still rely on putting animals down to keep their populations under control. When you choose a shelter pet, you are saving an animal from probable death.

Pet Stores = Animal Cruelty

Pet stores obtain their animal stock from puppy and kitten mills. These mills value profit over the health and well-being of their animals. Rather than buying a potentially sick animal from a pet store, choose adoption from a shelter.

Lower Over-Population

Animal shelters routinely spay or neuter the rescued animals that are brought in. These animals, once adopted, won’t be able to add to our country’s ever-growing over-population problem. Adopted animals also make room for new rescues.

Others May Consider Rescue Pets

If your friends and family see that you adopted your new pet from an animal shelter, they may consider this as an option as well. Currently, millions of animals are awaiting adoption. Unless they are adopted, they will be euthanized.

Rescues are Healthier

A pet from an animal shelter is much more likely to be in good health. When it came in, it was screened for illness, treated, given vaccinations and spayed or neutered.

Rely on Shelter Resources

When you choose a shelter pet, you’ll be able to call shelter staff if you have questions or need a resource for your new pet. Shelter volunteers help to socialize rescue animals so they are adoptable.

You Pay Much Less

If you adopt a rescue pet, you’ll pay, at most, $200; a pet from a pet store or breeder can cost you up to $1,000. Rescue pets with several breeds are healthier pure-bred animals.

You Help an Animal and Your Community

Adoption fees help the shelter and animals living there. The fees help cover medical care, vaccinations and medications. Adopt a rescue!

Joscelyn Booker