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8 Tips On How To Increase Milk Production

Do you experience the dilemma of low breast milk? Well, this might be a result of various factors. Therefore, you have to make to ensure your baby gets adequate milk. This article has 8 tips on how to increase milk production and things to avoid that might be causing the issue.

Choose any of these 8 tips that might work for you and take enough time to practice it. You might not get immediate results but regular practice leads to more milk production.

Why your baby needs breast milk

It is important that your baby can get sufficient supply of breast milk. It has essential minerals, protein, fat, and carbohydrates for your baby to grow. According to the World Health Organization, babies should feed exclusively on breast milk until they are 6 months.

Here are the benefits of breast milk to the mother and baby:

  • Release of oxytocin and prolactin to make a mother nurture her baby more
  • Lowers risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • Relief for dental problems
  • Burns calories and shrinks the uterus in mothers to beat the pre-pregnancy shape
  • Good source of vitamin D
  • Gives the baby antibodies to fight diseases and infections

Techniques to increase breast milk

How To Increase Milk Production

Breastfeeding offers many health benefits to you and your child. Breast milk has the proper nutrients for your baby. When worried that your milk supply is low, here are some techniques that help stimulate more production of breast milk.

Eat a balanced diet

Every breastfeeding mother should eat a balanced diet. You need adequate calories and good nutrition during the lactating period for milk production. The diet should also include freshwater plus some herbal teas.

Taking many fluids will keep you hydrated and capable of producing more breast milk. This will keep you healthy to ensure you keep up with the demands of motherhood.

Consider fenugreek

This natural herb aids increase breast milk. Consider a combination of fenugreek with pumping at increased frequencies to get better results. Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L) is available at nutrition stores and the recommended dosage is about 2 to 4 capsules daily.

In a day or two, most moms will have realized more milk production. You can even combine fenugreek with other herbs such as blessed thistle and alfalfa.

Stress reduction

Too much stress can lead to diminished breast milk. Nursing needs a lot of energy and might lead to postpartum depression. Ensure to keep some stress relievers handy or talk to a therapist to alleviate anxiety.

There is no need to get stressed from worrying about whether it is time to nurse your baby. Stress will make you tense and too edgy for your body to function properly. This is likely to end up inhibiting sufficient production of milk.

Use a breast pump

An electric hospital grade pump helps to increase milk supply. Double pumping can stimulate Prolactin that helps to increase milk production. You have to limit the pump sessions to about 10 to 15 minutes. Ensure to pump when not near your baby.

The breast pump will help you drain your breast milk without your breasts enlarge. The pumped milk ensures a steady supply for your baby even when you are away.

Learn how to scald your baby milk here.

Get enough rest

Take time to sleep with your baby close by. Sleeping skin to skin has an effect of stimulating the baby to breast more often. You have to research about co-sleeping with the baby safely.

Moreover, getting adequate sleep is beneficial to you and the baby.

Getting enough rest promotes better performance of body processes and maintaining a better shape.

Use prescription drugs

This is another solution to help you increase breast milk production. Prescription drugs such as Reglan are a wonderful option to stimulate milk production. However, if you have a history of depression, ensure to keep away from this drug.

You might end up depressed or getting mood swings.

Eat galactagogue rich foods

Naturally-occurring galactagogue is essential to a breastfeeding mother’s diet. You can get this in foods such as:

  • Carrots
  • Apricots
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Green beans
  • Oatmeal
  • Leafy vegetables

These healthy foods are wonderful sources of galactagogue that helps to improve milk production in breastfeeding moms.

Reasons for low milk supply during breastfeeding

When your baby becomes fussy and wants to nurse, it is a worrying situation knowing you do not have enough breast milk. Here are some reasons to explain for the low breast milk supply.

  • Insufficient glandular tissues to produce enough milk
  • Problem with hormones and endocrine system that inhibit milk production
  • Breast surgery including reductions and enhancements plus nipple piercing that might damage milk ducts in the nipples.
  • Some moms using a hormonal birth control such as pills or injections might experience a significant drop in milk production.
  • Taking some herbs such as Pseudoephedrine, Bromocriptine, Methergine, and huge amounts of peppermint can affect your milk production.
  • When your baby has anatomical issues and cannot stimulate the breast.
  • Avoiding feeding at night might lead to low milk supply.
  • Some medications during labor can inhibit the baby’s ability to latch on and breastfeed effectively.
  • Supplementing with baby formula might make your breasts to produce less milk.

Bottom line

When your baby is showing signs of not getting enough breast milk, the 8 tips above will come handy.

By this time, at least you have made up of your mind on which one to consider. The trick is to choose a technique that suits your lifestyle and gives you convenience.

Have you ever used any of these techniques? Share your experience in the comments section below. And, do not forget to share this with friends and family you might need this kind of information.


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