Several Clever House Cleaning Hacks

When it comes to cleaning houses, your regular every day process may not always be enough. Sometimes, you have to dig deep into the job in order to clean everything thoroughly. However, while this sounds exhausting and impossible, there are a couple of sound tactics that you can use and useful hacks that will assist you in your house-cleaning mission.

The Planning Stage

Several Clever House Cleaning Hacks

If you have a big house with lots of rooms, be aware that the cleaning process will surely take an entire day, or even two. Therefore, it is important to figure out the best way to get the job done in advance. A good way to ensure a nice workflow is preparing everything a couple of days before the actual day of the cleaning because if you have all the necessary products and supplies, there is no need to stop work and run to the store. This will save you time and energy in the long run.

You can also ask your children to help you. Once they know how to cleaning, they can tidy up after themselves. You can read our previous article about awesome ways to make cleaning fun for children.

First Things First

Several Clever House Cleaning Hacks

While making a plan, you could set up a priority list and always know which room comes next. This kind of organization makes the actual job less complicated and adds to its efficiency. A sensible method is starting from the biggest and/or messiest room in the house. This may be the living room or the kitchen – or even the children’s play room – and the sense of accomplishment you get after having finished the most important task of the day will give you more energy to plunge into the next ones.

Also, another useful hack is to start with a job that can be done without your supervision – machine washing curtains and drapes, for example. Put them in the machine and continue with other work while they are being cleaned. You do not have to do anything about them and are free to focus on other tasks.

Room by Room

Several Clever House Cleaning Hacks

A threefold cleaning system can be applied to basically every room in the house – remove stuff, clean, put stuff back. This sounds easy and logical, but if you fail to use this system, you will be left with a pile of things all over the place and not enough space.

Cleaning the kitchen, for example, can be rather easy – take the dishes, cutlery and utensils out, clean the cupboards and counters and return everything in. When it comes to other rooms, like playroom or kid’s bedroom, you have to take more items into consideration and preferably make a selection of what stays and what goes. Once everything is stored away in boxes and bins, you can use a steam cleaning device for your carpets to make sure all your dirt is out of the picture. Finally, the bathroom can be left for the end because it can be handled in an hour or so – just make sure you have good chemicals and a pair of gloves.

The Selection

The cleaning day is a great opportunity to revalue your belongings – are you really going to need them or not? If yes, return them to the place they were prior to cleaning, and if not, decide what to do: donate, sell at a yard sale, or just throw out. Doing this process properly and carefully will not only leave you with more free space but also accentuate the cleaning work you performed.

The Results

Once you finish your duties, it will probably already be late in the evening, and you will be rather tired. However, looking around you and realizing that your home is thoroughly clean and up to the highest standards will make you see that it was all worth it.What other cleaning tips can you offer? Which room in your home ends up getting the messiest? Feel free to share thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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