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Infographic – Adopt Pets and Save Lives

Rescue a pet from an animal shelter in your community if you’re thinking of adopting an animal. Your new pet won’t be the only one to benefit—your community, shelter and family will benefit for all of the following reasons.Every Pet is UniqueYou’re more likely to meet and be drawn to an animal that has several breeds mixed into its ancestry. […]

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4 Reasons YOU Should Start a Mommy Blog

“Mommy blogging” gets a lot of flack, both in the media and from other bloggers. I often find myself rolling my eyes because no one bats an eye at blogs that women start that have to do with their other hobbies or lifestyle choices: like gardening, traveling, fashion, makeup/beauty, reading or playing video games. Once […]

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Mom’s The Word! But Not All The Time…

Being a mother is the most rewarding thing any woman can do. It’s also the hardest.Too many women think motherhood means they can no longer treat themselves. It’s all about the children now, isn’t it? Of course it is, but that’s no reason you can’t treat yourself once in awhile, too. Taking time away from your […]

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Several Clever House Cleaning Hacks

When it comes to cleaning houses, your regular every day process may not always be enough. Sometimes, you have to dig deep into the job in order to clean everything thoroughly. However, while this sounds exhausting and impossible, there are a couple of sound tactics that you can use and useful hacks that will assist […]

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