Why Coconut Oil Is The Best Remedy For Baby Acne

Just like teens and adults, babies too are prone to acne. Approximately 20 percent of toddlers and infants get acne. It can get discomforting if you don’t give your little one proper care and attention is not invested appropriately. This article seeks to enlighten why coconut oil is the best remedy for baby acne.

Babies get affected by acne in their mother’s womb. The mother’s hormones cross the placenta resulting in stimulation and irritation of oil glands of the little one in the womb. The baby ends up getting acne on his body. Mothers who consume strong medicines aggravate the problem.

Understanding baby acne?

Why Coconut Oil Is The Best Remedy For Baby Acne

You usually link acne to puberty, right?

Well, don’t get perplexed when you notice it on your newborn. Acne comes about as a connection resulting from the transfer of hormones from the mother. It happens via the placenta at birth.

Hormones are essential for your baby. However, when they come to excess, the little one is likely to end up with an acne outburst. It is because the baby’s body cannot handle the potent adult hormones. So, the baby has nothing to do to prevent acne naturally.

Keep in mind that infant acne can also come as a result of other factors. There are some external factors which might cause acne. Thus, it’s necessary to always consult a physician for a test. It will help you understand the real behind acne on your little angel. Then you can get appropriate treatment. One of the natural ways to get rid of acne in babies is through the use of coconut oil. This is because of its composition and curative properties.

Causes of acne in babies

You should not have any worries regarding the use of coconut oil and your baby.

Even when your baby puts some of the oil in their mouth, there’s nothing to worry. A small taste won’t harm your baby, and coconut oil is deliciously safe with fantastic health benefits.

Steps you should follow

Why Coconut Oil Is The Best Remedy For Baby Acne

Preparing coconut oil

Get a small amount of oil enough to cover your baby’s affected areas. In cold weather, coconut oil becomes hard as cream. In warm weather, it melts to form oil.

Cleaning the affected area using mild soap and then dry

You must clean the affected area on your baby’s skin properly. Do this before applying the oil. Only do this when the skin is dehydrated. Don’t use the oil without cleaning the baby’s skin; this will only worsen the condition. Dirt might get trapped in the oil and create more infection to your baby.

Applying medication prescribed by a pediatrician

Did you get any medication for acne for a doctor? It’s the time to use it now. Apply it as instructed for quick results. If you have now, then you can skip this step. When you have any medication, ensure it has no allergic reaction on your baby’s skin. Test it on healthy skin and only proceed with the drug when it has no adverse reaction.

Put a thin layer of oil on affected areas

Out the oil on all the affected areas on the baby’s skin but don’t too much. Only apply what your baby’s skin can absorb. Putting more than required is just a waste. When you use for the first time, the oil will create a protective layer on the skin. So, more oil applied will not penetrate the skin.

Let the oil stay on the baby’s skin for about 20 to 25 minutes

The oil is absorbed naturally on the baby’s skin. So, let the oil soak into the baby’s skin in about 20 to 25 minutes. ​

​Wash excess oil using a warm cloth

Have you applied more oil than necessary? Your baby’s skin will become too oily. This invites more dirt to stick to the baby’s skin worsening the situation. After giving the oil enough time to soak into the skin, wipe any excess oil away gently with a warm cloth.

Apply the oil twice a day

Applying coconut oil on your baby’s skin should be consistent with more visible results. The application has to be continuous until the acne clears out.

You can as well use it as a preventive measure.

Why Coconut Oil Is The Best Remedy For Baby Acne

Other ways to use coconut oil for your baby

Coconut oil does more than help with getting rid of acne.

You can also use it for a variety of purposes as you are to see below:

  • Useful in preventing diaper rash and other skin irritations when your diaper cream gets finished
  • Natural remedy for preventing flaky skin on your baby’s scalp
  • Useful in the treatment of eczema
  • Natural remedy for insect bites
  • Healthy baby wash when mixed with organic liquid soap
  • Solves baby teething problems

Here’re some more health benefits of coconut oil.

  • Works as an ordinary disinfectant
  • Rich in vitamin E for healthy skin and repair of damaged skin
  • Has saturated fat for smooth skin
  • High in protein for skin rejuvenation
  • Has lauric acid for clearing infected skin glands

Helpful tips when handling baby acne

  • Avoid commercial acne products on your baby’s skin
  • Don’t use lotions on baby’s skin it might worsen acne
  • Never pinch or squeeze the acne
  • Consult a pediatrician if the acne refuses to go

​Bottom line

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