Stay-at-Home Mothers: Choosing a Different Career Path

To put your mind at ease you’re not alone, there are 4.2 million people in the UK that work from home and cannot adjust to the 9-5 working lifestyle. It’s around 13.9% of the UK’s workers that are managing from home, and this is growing steadily.

So, the figures show that it is defiantly possible to work from home, but what careers are available? Here are some excellent ideas that stay-at-home Mothers and fathers and consider choosing.


Stay-at-Home Mothers: Choosing a Different Career Path

An easy way to start a career at home is to use skills you already have. If you have an education background or skills that you have learned previously tutoring people would be a great way to make money by working a few hours a day.

There are different people to target too; you can consider tutoring young adults, children or even make a course for adults that link back to your field of experience.

Virtual Assistant

A big benefit of this career path is that this job title can be molded into different areas of function.

So, it will give you a variety of different tasks to choose from, this means you can tailor the job to match something you are confident with. If you do the well you it can lead to a good reputation which will help increase your career goals.


This will be the most rewarding job to have from home, a lot of people wouldn’t consider this as a job but to look after a child in unfortunate circumstances will help you and the children you take care of.

To become a foster carer isn’t difficult, the main priority is that the child is well looked after and is happy. Things like Gender, sexual orientation and marital status have little bearings on whether you can foster a child or not.


The world of business is growing and the world speaks different languages, so if you are fluent in another language or are willing to learn one this could be a great opportunity for you.

A great thing about being a translator from home is that as soon as you know the language it’s a simple task, you’ll be sent a document or an audio file and you’ll just need to translate if.

This doesn’t necessarily mean word for word (although most companies will differ) but they’ll need you to translate the cultural and contextual needs of that file.


Now you may think due to the rise of the online world that proofreading and fine tuning words isn’t needed anymore. Well this isn’t the case, print publishing may be suffering but any important document will need checking or enhancing before being exposed to a customer or reader.

To be even more creative, if you enjoy writing start a novel or even just a blog and see how the public respond and in no time, you could be a freelance writer!

All these options are unique and for most people one will hopefully fit in with your lifestyle. There’s a lot of options out there so make sure your couch is a comfy one so you can start working from home!

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