Spotlight on “Cape Clogs” (Review)

Once again Oprah and I seem to have the same taste. That might be the “only” thing we have in common, but I am proud to say that Cape Clogs has been featured in “O” Magazine. You all know that Oprah only features the best, up and coming companies and Cape Clogs most definitely deserves that recognition.

I first discovered Cape Clogs while cruising the net…when I came across the most beautiful clogs that I have ever seen. Even in the pictures, you can clearly see the quality, workmanship, and beauty in each and everyone of these shoes.

Cape Clogs has an enormous selection of styles…from the sophisticated and understated to the eclectic with a pop of personality.They have the most adorable clogs for kids too.

I received the Leopard print, and I about died! I kid you not when I say that I have six pairs of leopard print shoes in my closet (flats to high heels) and a few leopard shirts, purses and sweaters…I won’t start about the jewelry. So let’s just say I love Leopard.

I love the list of reasons to wear clogs, but one that they forgot to mention is how shapely they made my legs. Now, I have very thin legs as I have mentioned before but these actually made my legs look long, shapely and sexy. Gotta love that.

I love the ability to express my individuality while taking care of myself. Posture, good sole support and the care of your feet are a big deal considering your two little tootsies are what carry all your weight 24/7! Give them a great big favor. Pick up a couple of pair of Cape Clogs.

Your feet will love you. You’ll love your clogs and according to the “Top Reasons,” you’ll be cool!


All Cape Clogs are shaped and smoothed to provide an anatomically correct scaffold metatarsal arch, which means you will feel natural support from the moment you purchase your clogs. People who wear our clogs all the time know that wearing our clogs improves posture and increases energy, and they feel lighter and freer when they walk then they ever have before. 


  • Clogs make you stand up straight;​​​​
  • Clogs give you lower-back support;
  • Clogs align your spine;
  • The wood soles are orthopedically designed to fit the shape of your feet;
  • The clog’s wooden sole is so strong your weight won’t compress it like a regular shoe’s sole;
  • Clogs are open in the back so your feet breathe;
  • Clogs fit loosely so your feet don’t feel scrunched up all day;
  • You’ll never have to tie your shoes again;
  • Since wood is an insulator, your feet stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer;
  • You will make new friends and meet total strangers cause whenever you wear clogs somebody will ask you about them;
  • The Alder Wood soles are green, eco-friendly and recyclable;
  • There’s nothing cuter than a little kid wearing clogs;
  • Clogs are cool!
  • And last, but not least, clogs make you two inches taller!
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