Your trusted guide on early pregnancy signs

Are you wondering if you are pregnant? It can be incredibly confusing for a mom-to-be to tell if she’s pregnant, especially before she misses her period. When I was pregnant with my baby boy, I was intimidated by all the changes that happened to me and I couldn’t help wondering whether I was actually pregnant […]

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What to pack for daycare

When you register your child for daycare, they will give you a list of items to send with your child. However, I see this question asked so many times, I thought it might be worth writing a short blog post on it. Here are things to send with your child to daycare: Diapers, wipes and […]

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The 8 “RULES” of visiting new Parents

Babies make people crazy. Everyone says babies make the parents crazy (and they do), but they tend to make rational family members and friends go a little nuts as well. So if you’re someone that wants to know how you can remain sane in the eyes of the new parents or be helpful during your […]

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How To Handle A Baby Who Breathes Heavily

Sleeping like a baby has new meaning to new parents. Newborns are very wakeful but can also get too loud in their sleep. Your baby can make various sounds in their sleep. These might include gurgles, grunts, or whistles. In the early days of their life, your baby can only breathe through the mouth. Most […]

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Preparing Your Child for Preschool

You’ve made the decision that your child will be enrolled in preschool for the upcoming year. But how do you go about making sure that your toddler will get the best pre-education? Preschool can be a challenging time for both parent and toddler, but a few tips and even more preparation can help you and […]

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How Often Do I Change a Diaper?

Changing a diaper has become an integral part of everyday life for mommies. Besides, one of the basic knowledge a mother should learn is how to change a baby’s diaper. Preparing yourself to become a hands-on parent feels exhilarating but you’ll be surprised to discover unexpected things along the course of parenthood. One of which […]

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Can Pregnant Women Eat Crawfish?

Pregnancy has a lot of do’s and don’ts which can often be overwhelming. It is true especially when it’s your first pregnancy. Imagine things like the endless doctor’s visits, blood tests, sonograms, and nausea. All these can get too much in the first trimester of the pregnancy. That’s not all. Being pregnancy requires that you […]

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Easy Ways On How To Scald Breast Milk

Is your freshly expressed breast milk tasting and smelling a little different? Perhaps it has a metallic taste and a soapy smell? If it’s a yes, then there’s excess lipase in your breast milk. This enzyme is present in breast milk and keeps it well mixed in normal conditions. It’s also beneficial in the breaking […]

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