The Best Parenting Blogs Every Parent Has to Bookmark

Every parent needs knowledge of the best way to care for their young one. Therefore, the internet is one of the easiest ways one can seek to obtain parenting ideas.

Whether it’s caring for a child with special needs, multiple births or just one kid, everything you need to know is online. A few searches on Google will amaze you with loads of pages having parenting advice.

Now a problem comes. How do you spot a good parenting blog from a regular one? Well, don’t be worried. We have taken the time to make a list of the best parenting blogs every parent has to bookmark. We selected blogs according to their area of expertise and reputation in the parenting niche.

We have not used any specific criteria to rank them from top to bottom. You just need assurance that these are the best blogs to refer to in case you need parenting advice.

Mommy Palooza

Mommy Palooza

Candy Tai draws on her experience as a mother of 5 kids. She gladly shares her experience on her blog Mommy Palooza. Cady writes about family, parenting, family style, tradition, and beauty. She has been in the habit of sharing her life with the world since her high school.

According to Candy, her kids are everything and each day she creates traditions and important memories with them. She has worked with brands like Build-a-Bear, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and many others.

The Thoughtful Parent

It is a blog based on sharing the latest research on child development information shared in a parent-friendly way.

The author is a mother holding a doctorate in Human Development and Family Sciences. In her words, “I realized there was not enough research-based parenting and child development information that was easy to understand for the average parent”.

So, this blog is her way of sharing insightful information to parents to enhance their child handling skills. Findings from research back the Information on this blog though in a friendlier tone. It’s not like you will be reading a research journal but rather like getting ideas from a fellow parent.

Confessions Of A Mommyaholic

Confessions Of A Mommyaholic

Janine Huldie authors this fantastic blog. She is multi-talented. Janie is a wife, teacher, mom to two beautiful girls, a graphic designer and a writer as well.

Her blog covers topics like parenting, fashion, DIY, beauty, lifestyle, recipes, and pets. Janine has featured on major publications like The Huffington Post, Today Parenting Team, and Mamapedia. She also runs a graphic designing company.

Janine is a caring and loving woman. She manages to handle all her talents and maintains happiness and peace in her home.

Dominique’s Desk

Dominique’s Desk

This a blog about parenting, travel, and education owned by Dominique Goh. She is a Singapore-based mummy blogger with three kids.

Dominique divides her time between blogging, photography, freelance writing, coaching, fashion and makeup, baking and cooking.

Coming from a family of educators, Dominique always had a deep passion for kids. Dominique’s Desk is her way of connecting with fellow parents.

Some of her outstanding articles have been picked up by other online publications including Parents Society which picked her for one of its featured bloggers of the week on March 5th, 2015.

Toronto Teacher Mom

Diana Mancuso is a French teacher, a wife and a mother with two kids. Diana started this blog as a way of recording memories of her children as they grow up. The blog helps her connect with other moms on healthy living, travel, family fun, tech and among others.

According to Diana, Toronto Teacher Mom is where she shares her thoughts as “a mother, a teacher and everything in between”.

She launched this blog in 2006, and it has been going strong since. Apart from her passion for blogging, Diana also spends time playing with the kids, doing her house chores and making designs on her other blog.

St Louis Dad

Richie Williams takes fatherhood to the next level. He offers parenting insights on his blog outsmarting a lot of mothers.

He gives a dad’s view of how raising kids go. Most people are familiar with parenting advice from moms alone, but Richie changes that. The blog seeks to inspire both new and seasoned people handling kids.

Richie is from St. Louis where he lives with his wife and two children. He enjoys being a parent and shares his parenthood story on this blog.

Healthy Moms Magazine

St Louis Dad

Healthy Moms Magazine has a dedication to educating busy moms on making simple lifestyle changes when caring for their whole self, body, mind, and spirit. It’s more than a health and wellness site.

Cascia Talbert founded this site and shares her Catholic faith and traditional aspects concerning the latest news stories impacting today’s American families in opinion pieces that often trend on social media.

The site has articles on positive parenting, healthy pregnancy tips, natural beauty secrets and the latest on fashion trends.

The Idealist Mom

The Idealist Mom

Kelly Holms has authored two parenting books to her name and also owns this site. She became a full-time blogger and a SAHM. This mom of three girls has an amazing family which blends well that she gets ideas to write stories about.

You’ll enjoy reading her articles on parenthood, motherhood or her bold ideas for free vacationing. The blog has tips on dealing with anxiety in children including tips on helping your kids become more confident. Kelly has a way of giving tips coupled with wit and humor.

Tuned In Parents

Elle C. Mayberry founded this site in 2014 as a hub of parenting, education and health tips and trends from experts and other parents around the world. Parents from all over the world come here to share dilemmas in parenting and to learn a thing or two about healthy living.

Be sure to connect here with parents from nearly 100 countries worldwide. It’s an excellent source of humor and stories, knowledge and information about parenting, child development, health, and wellness.

Information shared on this blog is carried forward to help parents facing similar changes. On such case is this fantastic article “Fighting Cancer with Food” shared by Monica M.

A Nation of Moms

This blog according to its Facebook page is “here to help parents in many different ways, to try and make your parenting life as easy as possible”.

The author is a busy mom of two kids from NY and loves nature and fun. She enjoys sharing her adventures and giving parental tips on her blog.

As a holder of a Masters in Resource Management in Environmental Education, she enjoys a vegetarian diet and shares recipes on her blog and reviews. A Nation of Moms was awarded a 4th position slot for being part of the “Circle of Moms” contest for top reviews.

A Momma’s Joy

A Momma’s Joy

Jennifer Moye owns this beautiful blog. She lives with her husband Matt with whom she has three sons.

She is a Christian lady who takes pride in sharing her parenting experiences with the world. Jennifer calls herself a “regular mom who stumbles and falls more often than I like to admit”.

Jennie takes learning and living one step at a time. She has authored one book “A Gospel Christmas”.

Jennie calls her blog “a place of community and family where we can all come together to celebrate what God is doing in our lives”.

Life As Mama Bear

The author of this blog is a full-time stay-at-home mom from Southeastern Michigan with a child she calls “Evie Bear”. She has a background in Diabetics and Nutrition.

This blog has her adventures with life as a mother and coping with a new family. Life as Mama Bear is “A candid lifestyle blog about the adventures of a first time stay at home mom”.

Topics about family, baby, food, toddler and craft feature prominently on this blog. If you are a new mom, this article will tick your fancy “Being a Stay-at-Home Mom is Making Me Crazy + What I Am Doing About It”.

Your Modern Family

Becky Mansfield owns Your Modern Family which provides mind-provoking parenting topics in a way which makes you want to continue reading and discover all sides to the subject. She has an amazing ability which draws you into her posts and goes on to keep you once you get there.

Some of her popular posts include those about bedtime for babies and kids and bedtime for adults. Regardless of topic or point of view, Becky adds honest and well put insights in all her articles.

Grumbling Grace

Abie Ginther authors this excellent blog where she “therapeutically journal about real life, faith and mom fails on the interwebs. New mornings, new mercies”.

She is a proud mom, wife, high school teacher, a follower of Jesus and a toddler tamer. She enjoys blogging about topics like motherhood and faith.

Her work has appeared on Huffpost, Babble, Pregnant Chicken and Her View From Home. Her site has very useful information for mothers including the famous “What moms Google”.

Uplifting Families

This is Christy Garrett’s blog on motivating and inspiring parents of kids of all ages. The blog covers most topics you can imagine relating to raising a family. It has topics like how to deal with tricky baby milestones to uncomfortable issues of parenting a teen. She performs an excellent job.

For new moms, Christy has excellent resources concerning breastfeeding and baby care. She also covers planning and preparation before starting a family. The site is a full resource with tons of great information you can’t fail to miss.

Parent Club

Caroline Fernandez is the creator of this beautiful blog which she started in 2007. It’s a friendly site with information about making life quite easier for busy parents.

She has three children of her own and has two kids’ books to her name. When not sharing parenting information, Caroline is “always…always…thinking up a new boredom buster, recipe idea, family travel destination, and DIY craft to share”.

Caroline has featured on HuffPost Canada, Today’s Parent, and HGTV among others. She blogs about kids’ activities, travel, food, writing tips, and fashion.

Verified Mom

Phyllis Pometta authors this blog “as a way to share real life stories from a mom who was going through all the stages of momhood from the toddler stage all the way through the teenage years”.

She uses this site as a way of finding her voice as a mother of three children. Phyllis shares everything about her life in its present state. She shares local events, product reviews, DIY projects including her journey with relationship and parenthood.

Phyllis has featured on Scary Mommy and MomPrenuer Media, and she also works as a virtual assistant.

According To Amanda

According To Amanda

Amanda Mercier is “a kid chasing, DIYing, cat loving, meal making, straight speaking, green thinking, blogging kind of mom”. She enjoys sharing her experiences and thoughts about what she knows.

She has a knack for trying just about anything. She has no trouble checking out a new kid’s toy or chalk paint for a new DIY project.

According to Amanda has topics about parenting, travel DIYing, and lifestyle. Be sure to get insights on anything before trying it out, make your choice according to Amanda. If she gives it thumbs up, then you are ready to go.

A Mother Far From Home

A Mother Far From Home

Rachel Norman writes about how to help ladies become great mothers minus dropping their minds or staying in a chaos state on her site “A Mother Far From Home”.

Her blog covers lots of topics such as how to take care of one ‘self as a mom during tough times. She also gives ideas on disciplining children the right way.

The site also has a lot of good advice on parenting with guides on living a better-organized and happier home life minus going nuts.

I recommend you to check out her baby & toddler sleep tips section.

My Purple World

Indah Nuria Savitri is an Indonesian diplomat in New York with a big heart for children. She manages to spare time despite her busy schedule to share her knowledge about parenting.

She is married and has a son. On her blog, she shares adventures on her diplomatic work, food and of course parenting. Her subtle job coincides with her UN post where she goes ahead to advocate more for children.

You’ll love this article on her blog “25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child”.

Fresh Mummy Blog

Fresh Mommy Blog is a “happy place where motherhood, food, travel, design and stylish little things collide”. Tabitha Blue uses this blog to empower busy ladies and mothers to become more organized and to help them do what they love more.

The lifestyle blog has a variety of topics including film, travel, DIY, holiday and parties, and style and beauty.

For her incredible work, Tabitha got voted as Tampa’s best influential mommy blogger, and she has featured a lot in magazines and print media. She has offered assistance to lots of women during pregnancy and for the baby.

Family Matters

Ronit Baras is the owner and author of this beautiful parenting blog. She is a widely acclaimed international parenting and happiness coach.

Her blog is a place for parents worldwide aimed at making the world a global family. Family Matters has expert articles on topics like effective parenting, personal development, children’s learning, happiness and self-esteem among others.

Ronit has provided expert guidance to parents and children in their quest for purpose and passion in life for more than 23 years.

Mommy Knows What’s Best

Mommy Knows What’s Best

Marissa McKenna writes and maintains this parenting blog. It is a place where “Readers can find helpful parenting and family tips along with reviews and giveaways”.

The blog is a source of articles related to parenting and pregnancy tips with over 1.8 million views. Marissa connects the blog to her experience as a parent, when pregnant and managing her household.

She has made a lot of accomplishments with her blog. Marissa is a MommyCon Ambassador and has guest posted for brands like Kandoo and Boogie Wipes.

Nanny To Mommy

Diana Chastain is a former nanny and now takes care of her children. Despite experience with kids, having one’s own is a different scenario as proved by Diana. She has two children now to look after.

Diana shares her experience of living a frugal life while taking care of your kids on a small budget. The blog has articles on topics including parenting advice, product reviews, travel experiences and many others.

This blog is ranked on Top Mom Blogs, and Diana has featured on Circle of Moms and A Night Owl's Blog.

I’m Not Super Mum

A blog owned by Aukland-based mom blogger with two kids, she gave up a career in web development to take care of her family.

Her days are not filled with coding jargon anymore but with doing lots of dirty dishes and laundry. However, she likes it better. The reason she began blogging is that she wanted to “keep a track of all the things we did, things we do, places we go, and food we eat/try and feed my kids”.

St Louis Dad

Christi Cox is “The Choosy Mommy” blogger from western Pennsylvania with two children. The blog grew from “Choosy Kids” which had a role to honor parents, early educators including health care service providers for helping preschool children lead better lives.

The Choosy Mommy was born when Christie decided to start writing blogs from a mom’s perspective. She shares her two cents “on food choices, physical activity, and daily health routines plus so much more”.

Christie offers a platform for moms and dads to find the best information concerning children of all ages. Her goal is to “become your go-to resource for information on all things kids”.

The Mostly Mindful Mommy

St Louis Dad

Katy Alfred is “The Mostly Mindful Mommy”, a Certified Children’s Meditation Facilitator and a mother to a beautiful daughter. She is a woman of many abilities. Katy teaches meditation, practices yoga and teaches mindful practices.

The blog is a platform where she shares her experiences, trials, and tragedies faced before becoming a better parent. She couples that with her journeys of mindfulness and meditation.

Katy has a vision to “inspire parents and children to live mindfully and awaken to their true selves”.

Silly Babies Blog

Silly Babies Blog

Lissette Fernandez is the author of this beautiful blog and a mother with two kids. Lissette writes about topics like daily life with her children, pregnancy, plus parenting for a stay-at-home mom.

She also writes honest product reviews about baby products. Her everyday life is adventurous; she is always doing yoga, chasing her toddler around or taking care of her baby.

St Louis Dad

Angela Kim authors this wonderful parenting blog “about rediscovering joy after postpartum depression” by a mother. Angela started the blog in 2014 to get relaxation and reflections from the depression of caring for a child who needs special attention.

She uses this blog to celebrate courageousness towards overcoming postpartum depression including inspiring other moms to follow suit. Apart from that, the blog is full of stories and articles about motherhood.

Angela believes all mothers have an intricate connection through the love for their kids. And that the problems associated with motherhood are easy to be overcome if all moms have a common platform to share ideas.

Not Your Average Mom

Susie Johnson authors Not Your Average Mom. She is an extraordinary mother of seven from Connecticut. Susie’s blog offers a place for parents who are feeling “challenged, unsure, disorganized, embarrassed, mortified, overwhelmed, or anything else” with parenthood.

Apart from handling the big task of motherhood, Susie takes the time to blog, coaching swimming, offering positive discipline parent education, and working as a motivational speaker.

She started the blog in 2012 to provide realistic and honest ideas about motherhood since being a mom is not a piece of cake.

Parenting From The Heart

It is a blog about passionate and positive parenting ideas with play-based studying. Parents get access to research-based insights and tools with parenting skills to care for their children confidently.

Parenting From The Heart has a mission to assist parents to cherish and nurture their children with truthfulness and kindness. With that in mind, there will be resolving conflicts in a home peacefully which is a win-win situation. Thus, leading to a family having children with a high sense of self-worth.

Mum Turned Mom

Sara Murray is the author of Mum Turned Mom, a blog with “stories about our adventures, days out, crafts and activities; alongside tales of our expat life, and the challenges and opportunities that it brings”.

She is a writer, blogger and a mother of two boys and a girl. Sara is a former busy working mom now turned a busy stay-at-home mom.

Mum Turned Mon is a place where Sara shares her thoughts concerning a journey through motherhood when seeking a simple and creative life.

Mommy Katie

The owner of this blog comes from Washington and has quite a large family. She has managed to live with issues related to Multiple Sclerosis for a long time.

Being a strong lady, a situation like that has not kept her down. According to her, it has created an “interesting scenario for my own motherhood journey, but with the support of my husband, children, and friends, I have been able to manage and be grateful for the time I have with them”.

She does homeschooling, mini farming, DIY, and cooking. The blog is where she shares all her experiences and building her Mommy Katie audience.

Mama Smiles

As its name suggests, Mary Anne offers lots of Joyful Parenting to make you smile. It features experiences, including activities encouraging parents to bond with their children.

On this blog, Mary creates fun to learn options, inspiring active sibling connections, plus building happy, healthy and connected families. Her blog has articles on topics like parenting, photography, crafts, travel, educational activities among others.

Mary Anne writes about “building a rewarding family life through mindful parenting and educational and creative family activities”.

Bounce Back Parenting

Bounce Back Parenting

Alissa Marquess authors this blog formerly called Creative with Kids. Alissa is a mother of three children and her first experience as a mother was not very pleasant.

She faced problems “struggling to learn how to deal with anger and fears I’d never experienced ... and learning how to take care of myself while caring for small people, all while frequently being utterly exhausted”.

With time, she has learned how to bounce back from all the hurdles which have come her way. Bouncing back has made her change her perspective about motherhood. This blog is where she shares her experience, growth, and tools as she becomes more experienced with managing a family.

Beauty Through Imperfection

Paula Rollo’s beautiful blog Beauty Through Imperfection began as a personal channel for her. She fills it up with a lot of posts and advice which are encouraging. Paulo shows us that it’s okay not to be perfect, and there’s no perfect parent. She teaches us to enjoy our situations and be happy still!

There’s lots of practical advice found on Paula’s blog. It has everything from pregnancy and marriage to parenting advice from infanthood and beyond. She also offers recipes and meal plans that you’ll love to check out!

Pint Sized Treasures

Beauty Through Imperfection

Pint-Sized Treasures is a lovely blog owned by Alison Wood, a stay-at-home mother of six kids. Her blog is full of great parenting advice to make any mom’s life a lot easier.

Alison‘s long experience caring for six kids has made her become an excellent cook too. She posts lots of yummy recipe ideas on her blog along with pictures that you can follow along with. There’s also practical advice on saving money and living frugally, plus lots of parenting advice and tips.

As a mom of six, Alison has become an expert at parenting that you will have to check out. If patience is a problem to you, she shares useful tips on being more patient as a mom.

Beauty Through Imperfection

Jo Middleton authors this parenting blog. She is a mom of two kids from Somerset. Jo shares her time between family, blogging and other personal work.

Her blog contains “random musings on everything from my teenage pregnancy experiences to car air fresheners”. She ranks among the top bloggers in the UK at number five according to TOTS100 UK Parents blogs.

Jo has worked with brands like Parent Dish, Tesco, Nickelodeon, World Vision, Disneyland Paris among others.

Beauty Through Imperfection

Dadventurer is part of a growing section of fathers defying conventional stereotypes by deciding to stay at home and take care of their children.

It’s “a blog about life with the missus, the toddler, and the sausage dog”. The Dadventurer started life with the toddler above in 2014.

Through his much-loved blog The DADventurer, he talks to his readers on the challenges of balancing fatherhood while being a husband plus doing domestic chores like cooking.

Drawing on his experience, Dave through his blog chats about the problems of sending a child to nursery, sleep deprivation and how to enjoy a family day out.


Kidskintha is an award-winning blog dedicated to the emotional health of parents and children alike in the millennial age. The blog reviews products that aid in the sensory, creative and emotional development of kids and interviews some amazing people who had braved all odds to bring our the best in themselves and their children.

Kidskintha recently won a global contest hosted by Healthline, USA for the "Most Loved Health Blog of 2017" in the emotional health category.

Now that you have finally got enough information about where to turn to for parenting advice, you’re on your way to becoming the best parent in the world. No one can beat you if you follow the ideas on those blogs.

There’s nothing as good as taking good care of your little munchkins minus worry of whether you’re doing your best or not.

Seen any particular blog you dig for, bookmark it for future reference. And, don’t forget to bookmark us, your source of the good stuff about parenting.