Working Mothers: Here Are The Best Breast milk Bags

Baby formula used to be the preferred way to feed babies but there is now a movement towards more natural and healthy feeding. It has brought breast milk to the forefront. With more working mothers, breast milk bags are now a primary concern. Expressing the milk and keeping it for use later is the key.

More and more mothers have to get resume work after child birth. So, it is important that the baby is fed well while you are away. Breast milk bags are there to help.

For working mothers, here are the best breast milk bags you can use.

Best way to keep expressed milk

Best Breast milk Bags Working Mothers

It is important that you use waterproof labels plus ink for labeling each container with a date when the milk got expressed. Are you storing it at the baby’s care facility? Then, it is better to add your child’s name on the label.

Place the milk bags in the back of your fridge where the temperature is cooler. If you do not have one, keep the milk properly in a cooler which is well insulated.

The best way is to fill each container with milk for a single feeding. Perhaps, you might even begin with 2 or 4 ounces and later make adjustments as needed. You can as well consider storing small portions of 1 to 2 ounces. These are useful for unexpected circumstances or in case of delays in regular feeding.

It is advisable not to fill the container to the brim since breast milk expands on freezing.

Considerations to when handling breast milk

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    Not thawing the milk in a microwave
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    Avoiding to put the milk at room temperature
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    Using thawed milk within 24 hours
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    Not re-freezing milk after thawing it

How to care for breast milk?

Best Breast milk Bags Working Mothers

Are you wondering how to care for your pumped breast milk? You can keep expressed breast milk for as long as you can. However, it should be kept frozen and to thaw it when needed. Proper care needs to be taken to keep it safe for the baby. Below are some storage guidelines for pumped breast milk.

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    Use the oldest stored milk first
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    Keep your storage containers at the back of the fridge to prevent fluctuations in temperatures
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    Do not feed baby stored milk without a fresh taste
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    Milk should be kept in an airtight condition to avoid contamination
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    Use bags which are pre-sterilized and easy to seal for storage
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    Reusable storage bags have to be washed in hot soapy water

Ensure to bend and flex the bag before use to make the inside open as much as possible. It will ensure you get an accurate measurement.

Best milk bags review

As a working mother, transporting and keeping breast milk is essential to nursing your infant. Your milk is important since it carries immune boosting properties which keep your baby safe. It is important to prevent bacteria from growing in the milk while it is in storage. So, you need to choose the most appropriate breast milk storage bag for your needs.

Kiinde Twist Cap breast milk bag

It is a fantastic feeding system for your baby. You can pump, organize, store, warm and feed using the same pouch. The Kiinde Twist Cap breast storage bag fits any top breast pump and can slot very nicely into a baby bottle.

With this storage bag, there will be no contact between the milk and the child’s bottle. There is less to wash since you will only have to clean the nipple. It is a premium storage bag which comes with a spout which makes pouring a breeze. 



  • Leak proof twisting cap
  • High visibility surface for labeling
  • thumbs-up
    Recyclable pouches and caps
  • thumbs-up
    Usable without pump
  • thumbs-up
    BPA and PVC free
  • Not cheap
Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch (6 oz - Pack of 40)
  • Twist Pouches combine the leak-proof toughness of a bottle with the price and convenience of a disposable breast milk storage bag. Allows you to collect, store, prepare and feed using a single pouch. Eliminates messy and risky transfer of milk
  • Pouches twist lock onto pumps from ALL major manufacturers (using the appropriate adapter, sold separately)
  • Single-use pouches and caps are recyclable after use, eliminating dirty dishes
  • Secure threaded cap eliminates the risk of leakage
  • High visibility surface for easy labeling. Bags are pre-sterilized

Lansinoh bags

When you are searching for a bigger bag, then these bags are the perfect catch. Lansinoh breast milk bags come with a unique seal with a double zipper to avoid the milk from spilling in the freezer. It prevents you from cleaning up the fridge plus having to pump for more milk to cover for the spilled milk.

Further, Lansinoh bags come with a pour spout which makes getting the milk into the baby bottle easy without any spill. These kinds of bags can be stacked well in the fridge perfectly which saves room when you are storing lots of bags.



  • Carries about 6 ounces
  • Easy to close zipper
  • thumbs-up
  • thumbs-up
    No plastic smell or taste
  • Takes a bit longer to open
  • Quite tricky to stand up while pouring
Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 50 Count convenient milk storage bags for breastfeeding
  • Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags are the #1 selling milk bags for breastfeeding in the US.
  • Lansinoh breast milk storage bags are ideal for storing and freezing precious breastmilk. Breast milk bag storage can take place in the fridge or freezer.
  • Lansinoh milk storage bags come pre-sterilized and have a patented double Click 'n' Secure seal to prevent leakage. With reinforced side seals and a double-sealed gusset, Lansinoh breast milk storage bags are the strongest available. BPA and BPS free.
  • Unlike Medela storage bags (Medela pump and save bags), you can pump directly into the bags using a Lansinoh pump. For other compatible pump brands, you can attach the adapters to the expression set and pump directly into bags. Adapters sold separately.
  • Nursing mothers have trusted Lansinoh for more than 30 years to provide safe and effective products to make breastfeeding easier.

Mommy's Precious bags

There are breast milk bags which are BPD free, latex free and phthalate free. Mommy’s Precious storage bags stand up for their gusseted bottom design. You will face no struggle to prop them when filling.

These storage bags are from China and have a double zipper lock for closure. They are big and can carry about eight ounces of milk. Once you have filled them, they freeze flat which saves storage space in your refrigerator.

The measuring lines on the bags are about 95 percent accurate. It is beneficial if you need to keep track of every ounce your baby feeds. 



  • Accurate measuring lines
  • Safety seal keeps bacteria away
  • Perforation might make opening a bit tricky
  • Feels a little too brittle in the fridge
110 Count Breastmilk Storage Bags 8 Oz 235 ml Breastfeeding Freezer Storage Container Bags for Breast Milk comes Pre Sterilized & BPA Free with Accurate Measurements & Leak Proof. Buy Now!
  • LEAK PROOF AND SELF STANDING – We strive to ensure that your bags won’t leak and waste away those precious liquid gold. We know how hard it is to lose those precious breast milk. We also have gusseted bottom making one handed operations a breeze.

  • SAFETY GUARANTEED BPA FREE PHTHALATE FREE LATEX FREE PRE STERILIZED – We ensure that safety for your baby is at our upmost concern when designing these breast milk storage bags.

  • ACCURATE MEASUREMENT LINES & FRONT FACING WRITEABLE TABS – We made sure to measure the weight of milk when we designed these bags to ensure the measuring lines are accurate. Our lines are 95% accurate. Our tabs also face you so that you can write the details on easily.

  • PERFORATED LINE FOR EASY STRAIGHT LINE TEAR – We designed the tear area to have a perforated line making it easier to tear open and it always tears in a straight line every time.

  • DESIGNED BY PARENTS FOR PARENTS – At Mommy’s Precious we are parents too. We love our babies and know just how much it means to give your child the best love and care they deserve. That’s why we designed this breast milk storage container bags for you with the best thoughts in mind.

NUK Storage bags

Also coming with a seal with double zipper, these breast milk bags guarantee 100 percent free from spills. NUK bags come with a seal on top which prevents tampering. They also come with a bottom which is gusset-free to minimize leaks from any of the corners of the bag.

NUK bags can independently stand, and you can as well stack them to save space in the refrigerator. With a capacity of 6 ounces, once frozen, you only run some warm water on the bag when thawing the breast milk. Since these bags are water proof and seal very well, you are sure of only pure milk on melting and pouring it into your baby’s bottle. There are no risks of a mixture full of water.



  • Labeling section on tab
  • Easy to get air out
  • Thinner which might make standing upright tricky
  • Some moms might not like its plastic smell
NUK Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags, 50 count
  • 100% Leak-Proof Guaranteed!
  • Double zipper seal for extra security
  • Gravity-fed pour spout helps prevents spills during transfer
  • Unique gusset-free bottom prevents leaks from corners of bag
  • Tamper-evident top provides re-assurance prior to first use

Dr. Brown's storage bags

The bags are identical to the NUK breast milk bags above. They have the same construction and quality. Their main difference is the price, Dr. Brown bags cost a bit more.

You will love Dr. Brown’s bags because they come with a better measurement guide. It is printed on the front and is more accurate. You will not have to fiddle or adjust the bag. 



  • Extra durable design
  • Gusseted bottom
  • thumbs-up
    Easy access top
  • thumbs-up
    Fit for freezer storage
  • thumbs-up
    Allows direct pumping
  • Might leak sometimes
  • Do not come cheap
Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage Bags, 25 Count
  • Built for durability to protect precious breastmilk
  • Self-standing bag features leak-proof double zipper seal
  • Marked for accurate measurement, labeling and organizing
  • Pre-sterilized for cleanliness
  • Stand upright or lay flat in refrigerator or freezer

Medela Pump and Save Breast milk Bags

Medela also makes breast pumps and comes with an adapter which connects to the pump’s bottom. You will enjoy having to pump directly into the storage bag. There is no need to transfer the breast milk from one container to another which saves time. It also means less cleaning.

This system works well and allows you to pump into the storage bag without any spills. It is an extra feature you do not pay for. 



  • Needs less storage space
  • No wastage of milk
  • thumbs-up
    Safe long term storage
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to label
  • thumbs-up
    Safe material
  • Not the cheapest
Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags, 50 Count
  • Contains 50 Count 5 0z bags with 2 adapters
  • Compatible with most Medela breast pumps (Sonata breast pump excluded), easy connect adapter connects directly to breast shield
  • Convenient no-spill, no-leak, easy-to-close zipper top design
  • Protective oxygen barrier perfect for fridge or freezer
  • Made without BPA. Pre-Sterilized & disposable

Ameda storage bags

There are bags which come in multi-ply shapes. It helps to prevent splitting and cracking. Ameda storage bags come with resealable zippers which are too easy to handle when closing. They have a pourable spout to reduce spills, BPA free plus you can safely use them in the fridge.

Ameda storage bags have thick plastic which helps the bag to stand independently. It frees you from having to use an extra hand to transfer the milk into the storage bags. However, they are the smallest since they carry only five ounces. 



  • Do not burst even when overfilled
  • Handy pourable spout
  • Might not work well in freezer
  • Shape difficult to stack
Ameda Store'N Pour Milk Storage Bags + 2 Adapters - 50 ct
  • Ameda Store'N Pour Milk Storage Bags + 2 Adapters - 50 ct

Our top Breast milk bag 

Kiinde Twist Cap kit is our winner for the best milk bag. As a mother, you have to make all efforts to protect your breast milk from spills or leaks. A pourable spout with a zipper seal makes a storage bag leak proof.

The Kiinde bags are the best. They work seamlessly in the fridge without thawing and have no horrible plastic smell. These bags also hold enough milk which is perfect for your child’s appetite to grow.