Ultimate Guide to the Best Baby Gate for Stairs

Stairs and babies are a dangerous combination and the best solution is a baby gate. It’s not easy to find the perfect gate for your baby. This is because baby gates are not made equal and every house is different. When it comes to baby proofing, here’s our ultimate guide to the best baby gate for stairs to keep your newborn safe.

What to do before buying

Before rushing to buy any baby gate on the market, there are two important things to consider. Both involve measuring the doorway to find a baby gate which fits. These include:


This is the distance the baby gate will cover. Measure the area you’re to section off with the gate. Make sure to be as accurate as possible. This will ensure you find a baby gate which will fit perfectly.

Baby height

As you’re measuring your space, consider measuring the baby too.

A good gate should be about ¾ of the baby’s height. Even the most adventurous baby cannot pull himself over such a gate. There’re even gates for extra tall babies for maximum safety.

What to look for when choosing a baby gate

  • check
    Gates which screw into the wall are more durable
  • check
    Adjustable gates which swing one way away from the stairs are more secure
  • check
    One hand operation gates have better ease of use
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    Flexible gates can fit any size of space
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    Color and material matter a lot when it comes to appearance

Here’s is our pick of the best baby gate for stairs according to different categories.

Best gate for the top of the stairs

You have to keep the baby safe from going down the stairs on their own. This calls for getting a baby gate to proof the top of your stairs. You a need a gate which is harder and robust enough to withstand the knocks, barges and pulls from your baby. 

To pick the best gate for the top of the stairs for protecting your baby from serious injury, here are a few options.

Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Doorway Gate 

It’s a metal wing gate having a four-point hardware mount. This is a reliable option for the top of your stairs plus anywhere else in the home. The Evenflo Easy Walk Thru baby gate can be adjusted so that it can swing in a single direction.

With the Evenflo Easy Walk Thru baby gate, there’s no reason to worry about the loss of balance over the stairs. It has a one-handed Lever Loc mechanism in case you have a hand full.



  • Indicator for secure lock
  • Robust
  • thumbs-up
    One-way swing operation
  • thumbs-up
    3 color options
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to put up
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to move in and out
  • Gap in the size door
  • Not for all sizes
Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Doorway Gate, Tan
  • One hand release handle easy for parents, but too difficult for children
  • Gate swings open: both directions making it convenient for high traffic areas
  • Red/Green Lock Indicator: shows if gate is properly locked
  • No tools required.6 to 12 months

Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

This is a universal which fits 99 percent of stairways. It’s made of steel making it very durable. The Regalo Extra Tall gate has a height of 35 inches making it good even for a child who likes climbing. It can even keep away pets too. It comes with Smooth Glide technology which allows easy opening with a squeeze of the latch.

This is a wonderful baby gate for the top of the stairs since it gives peace of mind with the extra height. It’s is a baby gate for everyone.



  • Portable
  • Tall enough for extra protection
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to set up
  • thumbs-up
    Holds up well
  • Some find it tricky to install
  • Not easy to unlock with a handful
Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate, White
  • Crafted of Steel
  • Expands from 29" - 34" and includes a 6" extension kit for openings up to 40" wide
  • Pressure mounts for easy set-up and take down
  • Lever-style handle offers an easy one-touch release

Best gate for the staircase bottom

There’s need to protect your baby from going up the stairs on their own. There’s a potential risk of the baby falling down and getting injuries. We have a few options below to proof the bottom of the staircase from the baby.

North States Supergate Easy Close Gate

This works well with two flat surfaces at the staircase bottom. The North States baby gate has one-hand operation plus a locking mechanism. You can even lock this gate at 90 degrees where necessary.

This gate can open in all directions and which makes it easy for you to open. It has extension pieces which allow the use of an opening of about 38.5 inches.



  • Easy to close
  • Quick installation
  • thumbs-up
    Convenient features
  • thumbs-up
    Very user friendly
  • Flimsy plastic components
  • Attachments don’t feel so sturdy
Supergate Easy Close Gate, White, Fits Spaces between 28" to 38.5" Wide and 29"high
  • Easily adjusts to fit openings 30" high and 29.5 inches - 38.75 inches width with one extension (included)
  • 29 inches high gate fits openings 28 inches 31.5 inches wide, expands up to a maximum of 38.5 inches wide with two extensions included
  • Heavy duty metal construction makes gate ideal for bottom of stairs and between rooms
  • Can be used for children or pets offers a triple locking system which is easy to use with one hand

Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close Security Baby Gate

This comes with a one-hand latch mechanism and swings both ways. The Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close baby gate can be pressure mounted or permanently mounted. Alternatively, you can get extensions to allow this gate fill up to 111inches.

The best thing about this gate is installing on one or two flat surfaces. There are also special adapters which can fit round balusters and newel posts at the bottom of the staircase. These are lined with rubber to avoid marring the wooded post.



  • Closes automatically
  • Opens in both directions
  • thumbs-up
    Extra tall baby gates
  • thumbs-up
    Smart stay open feature
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to install
  • Not easy to find correct combination extensions
Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close Security Gate in White Value Pack (Includes 2 Gates and 2 Extensions)
  • SUPER VALUE PACK- Our Dreambaby Chelsea gate is loaded with features to not only help make your life easier but safer too. This super value pack includes 2 gates and 2 extensions. Each gate fits openings 28- 32" on its own. Using one gate with both extensions will reach 28 - 39" and using each gate with one extension will reach 28 - 35.5".
  • QUICK AND EASY OPERATION- With the Chelsea pressure mounted gate, installation is a breeze and using it is even easier. The gate allows for one-handed operation and the double action locking feature helps keep even the most curious toddlers at bay.
  • SMART STAY-OPEN, AUTO-CLOSE- Doing laundry, entertaining guests, making dinner? With the convenience of Smart Stay-Open, the Chelsea gate can be made to stay open whenever you choose. However, for all other times, it has the convenience of Auto-Close, which ensures constant and reliable safety of a gate that closes automatically from any distance, every time.
  • EZY-CHECK INDICATOR- For added security, the EZY-Check indicator will help you identify your gate is securely locked with just a quick glance. **Tip: It also helps indicate your gate is properly installed.

Best baby gate for extra tall babies

Some babies are taller than average. It means a regular gate with standard height will just be a walkover. In such a case, your baby needs a gate tall enough to bar his movement. Below is a wonderful option.

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate

This gate is an inch shorter than The Regalo Extra Tall but can extend to 111 inches with extension pieces to make this baby gate a clear winner. When pressure mounted, you can drill it into the wall for a more permanent solution.

The Dreambaby Extra Tall “Swing Closed” Safety Gate can be installed at the top of the stairs when screwed properly. It can be opened by a single hand both ways. To get a feel of how this gate is, it stands at 5.5 inches to reach your sternum. Any tall child cannot climb this high.



  • Extra safety
  • Opens all ways
  • thumbs-up
    Can be pressure mounted
  • thumbs-up
    Easy installation
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to open and close
  • Loud auto close feature
  • Little cheap unlock button
Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate in White
  • Extra tall in height at 41"
  • Made of steel
  • Pressure mounted, no hardware needed to damage your walls
  • Has automatic swing closed and locking door
  • Sold separately are banister gate adaptors

Best baby gate for travel

There are times when you have to visit friends or relatives for some time but you can’t leave your baby behind. In such a case, you need a baby gate to move with. Here’s our pick for the best portable baby gate for travel.

North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate

This is the best option when you have to visit with your toddler. The North States Portable Traveler Gate is very easy to carry around and looks good. When faced with thick hallway baseboards, you just adjust the tension knobs on this baby gate.

When installed, this baby gate sits on the floor making it hard to be pushed over. Even when your baby touches it with grimy fingers, cleaning this gate comes effortlessly. You will be able to keep this gate looking new.

Furthermore, this gate can fold to a fraction of its original size to fit into the little carry bag included in the box on the purchase. Even putting this baby gate together is possible without any extra set of eyes.



  • Easy to carry around
  • Looks nice
  • thumbs-up
    Included carry bag
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to clean
  • thumbs-up
    Foldable and small
  • Not suitable for larger distances
North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate
  • The maximum recommended height is 30es inches


The information in our guide should be more than enough to help you find the ideal baby gate for your situation. Still having trouble, shoot me a question and will see if I can recommend something just for you. Have any questions or something to share? Leave it in the comments below.