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7 Reasons Why Your Baby Wakes Up Early (With Solutions)

There various reasons why your baby wakes up early in the morning. It might be around 5-6 AM and not wanting to get back to sleep. Your baby wakes up at night for various reasons. The most obvious ones are age-related and individual.

Waking up at might not be such a big problem. The real problem is failing to get back to sleep. This causes you a lot of anxiety and exhaustion. Here are 7 reasons why your baby wakes up early with solutions.

The baby’s development has two different age ranges. These are from birth to four months and four months to 12 months. However, each period comes with its adjustments and challenges. Early waking might be one of them, and you have to find the possible cause and deal with it.

Common issues causing the baby to wake up early

There are a variety of reasons to explain why your baby might be waking up early. Always try and find out what might be causing your newborn to keep waking that early.

Too much light in the bedroom in the morning

Why Your Baby Wakes Up Early

When a lot of late enter the baby’s room very early in the morning, it might cause your baby to wake up. Waking up might not have been a big problem if only the baby can get back to sleep. But with the room being with too much light, the baby might have a problem getting back to sleep.


You have to adjust the amount of light coming into the baby’s room. Try getting appropriate window coverings. Whatever comes handy will work as long as it can effectively block out the light. It does not have to be expensive or calling a professional. You can do it yourself. It can be a dark sheet, large towel or a coated block out fabric.

Noise coming from the household or environment

Do you have a large family? Well, some members might get too busy very early in the morning and forget that there is a bay next door. Perhaps, it’s the older kids preparing to go to school? It might also be a late night video game. Other noise might come from outside for example if there’s a railway nearby and it has an early morning journey. Its movement is bound to wake up your baby at that particular hour.


Let the other family members know that their activities are affecting the baby. The late-night video games can also be scheduled to another time which does not affect the baby’s sleep.

Alternatively, consider playing some soft music on repeat all night. It helps to cover some noises and put the baby to sleep.

Baby gets cold in the night

Why Your Baby Wakes Up Early

Babies over nine months are usually mobile in the cot. So, your baby might be rolling around in the cot. It means the baby is not under the warm covers all night which might explain why he wakes up very early and fails to get back to sleep.


Think about it if it was you sleeping on top of the blankets. Ensure to dress your baby appropriately for the night in warm clothes. Avoid adding excess blankets. These might become a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome risk to a baby who is mobile and rolls around in the cot.

Early morning feeding

Do you usually wake up your nine months baby for an early morning breakfast as soon as they wake up? It’s a nicer way of waking up knowing there’s a meal waiting. Are you happy to offer these meals? Well, there might come with consequences unless you take the initiative to resettle the baby back to sleep after feeding. It might encourage the baby to keep waking up at that particular hour every day.


If you think your baby does not need these early morning meals, why not drop them? They might just be encouraging him to wake up very early. This is encouraged especially if the baby is over nine months and eats solids well during the day.

Parents with a habit of waking up too early

Why Your Baby Wakes Up Early

Do you have a habit of having to make the baby wake up early? It might be because of your working schedule during the week and catching up on the lost sleep on the weekends. Unfortunately, your baby might not be able to distinguish between working days and the weekends. He might just keep waking up, as usual, every day.


You should treat every day like a Sunday. There’s need to encourage the baby to sleep to the last minute. Let the baby have breakfast at the place of babysitting or daycare.

Making your baby sleep quite early in the evening

Perhaps you have a habit of putting the baby to sleep too early in the evening? It means the baby will meet their sleep quota earlier in the night. So, the baby will not be able to sleep into your reasonable wake-up time in the morning. You will notice him waking up earlier


The best solution for this is to schedule an appropriate time for your baby to go to sleep in the evening. Don’t make the baby sleep too early.

Genetic makeup of either parent

Your baby’s waking up early might be as a result of natural factors. Are you an early riser or your partner? Well, that can explain why your baby does the same. So, the baby will always grace you with their presence when they wake.

Does your baby’s routine work for the baby and the family? Good, you don’t have to change anything. Does it need fine-tuning? Consider first taking a look at some contributing factors. Afterward, put a consistent plan in place confidently and monitor the results to see what works.


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