Baby Sweating A Lot – This Is What You Should Know

Most parents get overjoyed watching their baby sleep like an angel. Have you been seeing baby drenched in sweat in the middle of the night lately? Well, keep reading this post. If you see your baby sweating a lot, this is what you should know.

Are you a new parent? Then, it is common to hit the panic button at the slightest sign of discomfort to your newborn. So, you need to know whether night sweating in babies is healthy or not. Getting a few insights will help you overcome any worries and sleep peacefully.

Concerns about why babies sometimes sweat a lot make up some of the most frequently asked questions for new parents. Do you notice your baby’s head sweating while sleeping or feeding? It’s not an immediate cause for alarm. You don’t have to make incessant calls to the physician. Let’s see what might make your baby sweat.

What makes babies sweat?

Baby Sweating A Lot

There are various things which can make your baby sweat while sleeping. These include health conditions are non-health conditions.

Hope you now know what makes your baby sweat and you have got a few remedies to try out. There’s a need to be more prompt and careful with your newborn. Sound sleep is a must for your baby to keep him healthy and happy.

Sleep apnea

Babies might sweat while sleeping due to apnea. It is a condition which might make your baby pause breathing for about 20 seconds. So, your little one’s body has to work excessively hard to breathe. Sleep apnea usually happens to babies born prematurely. A baby who suffers from sleep apnea might display symptoms like wheezing, bluish skin tone plus of course night sweats.

Sweat Glands

Biological reasons can also explain why your baby sweats at night. Newborns have no active sweat glands apart from those on their head. It explains why baby bodies never sweat. Since the head has active sweat glands, it tells why you might notice your baby’s head sweating a lot. The baby’s head breaking into a sweat is a sign that he is feeling hot.

Congenital heart disease

Does your baby suffer from congenital heart disease? Then, it’s common for him to sweat especially at night. This condition is known to cause babies to sweat excessively as they feed or play. Congenital heart disease affects 1 in 125 babies. It results from a defective development in the heart of the fetus.

Environment where you put your baby

Baby Sweating A Lot

Sweating happens as a natural response to your baby when placed in a situation which is too warm. The baby’s body sweats to let your baby cool or to regulate the temperature. It can happen when the baby is bundled in blankets or when dressed in very warm clothing. Your baby might also sweat on more temperate days even in a diaper.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

SIDS is another condition often related to overheating at night. Too much heat might make the baby fall into deeper sleep. It could become hard for your baby to wake up. Always keep the baby’s room temperature between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Further, consider dressing the baby in comfortable clothing without a blanket.


Is the room cool but the baby continues to sweat profusely? It might be a sign that your baby has hyperhidrosis. Other symptoms of this condition include sweaty hands, feet plus head. This disease is treated as your baby grows. You can easily handle it with necessary sweat management including antiperspirant.

What you can do to handle baby sweating

Below are some ideas on what you can do when your baby continues to sweat at night.

Check room temperature

Baby Sweating A Lot

One of the ways to deal with a baby who sweats at night is to keep the temperature in the room fresh. Whenever you are feeling hot, your baby will be feeling hotter. So, remove all unnecessary blankets and wraps from your baby’s crib. It will help him sleep comfortably.

Hydrating the baby

Ensure to hydrate the baby properly before you put him to sleep every night. It helps to make up for the fluids the baby is likely to lose through sweat.

Dressing the baby in proper clothing

Always make sure to don the baby in comfortable night clothing. Consider a light sleeping gown made of a soft, breathable material. It creates suitable bedtime attire for your baby.

Give the baby a bath

Baby Sweating A Lot

Bathing keeps your baby clean and fresh. It’s the best way to take down the baby’s temperature instantly. A bath twice a day is a great idea. It will help make the baby sweat less and clean. You will have no reason to worry about bacteria mixing in the seat or body odor plus other infections.

Check baby’s diet

You have to keep your baby’s feeding habits in control. There are times when the baby might want to feed a little more. There is a chance that excess food might cause an imbalance in the diet which might cause discomfort to the baby. Ensure to feed baby in breaks that doing it wholesomely. It keeps the baby at ease and might control sweating when asleep.

If you have given the above measures a try but the baby still sweats consider seeking a pediatrician’s opinion. You might get an appropriate diagnosis of what causes those night sweats in your baby. The pediatrician might as well give you an apt treatment for that condition.

Does your baby display other signs and symptoms together with sweating? These might include rocking, grinding teeth, head banging, snorting and snoring. Then, there is an underlying condition. Immediately contact a pediatrician as a preventive measure against any possible health risk.

Bottom line

Hope you now know what makes your baby sweat and you have got a few remedies to try out. There’s a need to be more prompt and careful with your newborn. Sound sleep is a must for your baby to keep him healthy and happy.

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