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Types of Baby Skin Irritations

Usually harmless, skin irritations can make your baby uncomfortable. Some skin irritations may not cause any discomfort at all and go away without any need for intervention while others may cause itchiness and pain that can make your baby cranky. Usually, if unattended, skin irritations may lead to infections and leave scars. Knowing the different types […]

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Room Temperature For Baby (This Is What You Didn’t Know)

Every parent desires an ideal living environment for their newborn. So, you need useful information on what is quintessential and what is not including what a safe environment entails. Babies don’t regulate temperatures like adults or children. It happens especially when they are asleep. A baby’s nervous system is not yet fully matured. The moment your […]

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How Fast Do Toddlers’ Feet Grow?

Most parents usually scratch their heads when they found out that the pairs of shoes they’ve recently bought for their kids do not fit their kids’ feet anymore. For some toddlers, the need to change to bigger shoes happens more quickly than expected. Wouldn’t it be nice to determine how fast toddlers’ feet grow? This […]

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