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5 Ways To Clean Your Baby’s Nose Properly

Cleaning your newborn’s nose requires extra care because newborn babies have sensitive and narrow nasal passage. And most of the time, newborns suffer from stuffy nose which can cause them discomfort and difficulty in breathing.To ensure that your baby breathes well, you need to make sure that his nasal cavity is clean. Your baby’s nasal […]

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How Often Do I Change a Diaper?

Changing a diaper has become an integral part of everyday life for mommies. Besides, one of the basic knowledge a mother should learn is how to change a baby’s diaper.Preparing yourself to become a hands-on parent feels exhilarating but you’ll be surprised to discover unexpected things along the course of parenthood. One of which is […]

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Why Do Babies Have Dry Skin?

Many babies who are born after 40 weeks will experience dry, flaking skin. It is completely normal and should subside. However, sometimes baby dry skin conditions can linger and they could be more than the typical cradle cap. Lets take a look at some of the possibilities below. Why Do Babies Have Dry Skin? Over […]

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