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Baby Sucks On Finger – Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Some parents find it so adorable that their baby sucks on a finger. However, they might begin to get concerned that habitual sucking might damage the baby’s emerging teeth. If your baby sucks on finger, here are 6 reasons whyWhen they go for ultrasound scan, it’s a common sight for mothers to be excited at […]

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Easy Ways On How To Scald Breast Milk

Is your freshly expressed breast milk tasting and smelling a little different? Perhaps it has a metallic taste and a soapy smell? If it’s a yes, then there’s excess lipase in your breast milk. This enzyme is present in breast milk and keeps it well mixed in normal conditions. It’s also beneficial in the breaking […]

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Can Pregnant Women Eat Crawfish

Pregnancy has a lot of do’s and don’ts which can often be overwhelming. It is true especially when it’s your first pregnancy. Imagine things like the endless doctor’s visits, blood tests, sonograms, and nausea. All these can get too much in the first trimester of the pregnancy.That’s not all. Being pregnancy requires that you watch […]

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Incredibly Easy Tips On How To Make Your Baby Move

There is a general perception that fetal movements are an indication of child’s well-being in the uterus. Once they begin, a pattern emerges which is the first indicator of how your baby is doing. It further depends on how your pregnancy is progressing.As a mother, your ability to detect your unborn baby’s movements depends on […]

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